Private Ranch at West Killimanjaro
We have our own private 10,000-acre ranch, Ndarakwai, at West Kilimanjaro. The habitats represented include riparian woodland, acacia thickets, acacia savannah, and open grassland. Game is plentiful and the area affords great view of Mt Meru and Kilimanjaro. Since it's outside the National Parks a wide range of activities are available which decrease costs of various types of professional film work. Off-road and night filming is easy, as are the use of imported animals / wildlife, and the establishment of sets for longer term filming. This is a particularly good area if people and wildlife are to be filmed together. We also have a number of tame animals that can be used for filming.

In February 2002, an episode of "The Jeff Corwin Experience" was filmed at Ndarakwai, which features our baby orphaned elephant, Nkarsis, as well as several hand-reared eland.