The Kilimanjaro Conservancy (TKC)
When Peter and Margot Jones (and TFSO) took over Ndarakwai Ranch in 1995, their main aim was to escape the rush and clamor of Arusha. However, for them life was to offer far more challenges than living without regular electricity and hot and cold running water. One cannot live for long in an area like West Kilimanjaro without being touched by the struggle for survival that the local population faces each day. Further, this struggle often manifests itself in ways that are detrimental to the local community and the environment. It's easy to say that poaching and charcoal cutting are wrong. It is a far greater challenge to construct short and long-term alternatives that are not imposed on but rather developed along with the local community.

With all of this in mind, the Jones and TFSO have been working with local communities for the past five years to address the problems of poaching and charcoal cutting as well as to address other community needs in a way that promotes economic prosperity through legal and environmentally friendly ways.

Project #1 To fence in local shamba's (vegetable plots) to help prevent elephant and zebra from destroying them again.

Project #2 to build and set up a wildlife rehabilitation and veterinarian center at our newly acquired Rafiki Farm, adjacent to Ndarakwai.

We are looking for qualified vets (and ethno-veterinarians) to spend a 6-9 months at Ndarakwai Ranch helping us set this up. Other qualifications are at least two years of zoo/wildlife experience, familiarity with a third world country, patience, resourcefulness, and a sense of humor. We will pay for air- fare and accommodation.

While these efforts have all been undertaken as "not for profit activities", the Jones's and TFSO recognize that in truth we all profit when these kinds of efforts succeed. For more information click here.