The majority of our 30 strong staff has been with us for more than 4 years. They train with us, on the job, and by taking courses in Arusha or Nairobi, to gain promotion and expanded responsibilities within the company. So far, over 20% of our staff have taken courses partly or wholly sponsored by TFSO.

While ones ethnic or tribal origins are of little consequence in Tanzania today, over 15 tribes are represented on our work force. Maasai and Meru make up half, and this guarantees that when it comes to community issues, conservation, and tribal sensitivity, we are always going to do the right thing.

Over 50% of our staff has been with the company for more than 5 years. This reflects our good track record as employers and also the fact that we have been steadily expanding. Ten new employees have been taken on in the last 3 years to meet the demands of our growing business.

Key People: Grace Mollel, General Manager. Hendric Simon, Head Chef, Safaris. Matanya Mbise, Transport Manager. Raphael Kosianga Manager, Ndarakwai Ranch Guides: Thomas Kuya, Jombi Mollel