We embody the "the Art of Safari", because we have the wisdom gleaned from a decade of adventure experiences, and the talent required to blend all the luxuries of the classic old style safari experience with the safety and security provided by modern equipment and a well-trained crew. We have the flexibility and resources, to do almost anything you like.

As a small company, we commit ourselves to providing you a quality unique experience-something that only a company of our size can provide.

We are a locally registered company and have a profound respect for Tanzania, its people, and its wildlife. Environmental sensitivity is practiced daily as a matter of course by way of general conservation measures at West Kilimanjaro, direct involvement with communities in several parts of the country, and assistance with anti-poaching efforts. We make every effort to use local products and promote local enterprise to fill gaps in our supply requirements.

Communication and back-up are key disciplines when it comes to safety and security on safari. Whether high up on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, on a walking trip deep in the Maasai steppe, or in the Serengeti, we have communication with our support vehicles and our Arusha Office as well as our West Kilimanjaro Base, Ndarakwai Ranch, at all times.