When traveling somewhere new, you're tempted to go everywhere and see as much as possible. In much of the world, staying on the move means you see more. That's not the case with wildlife. Generally the longer you stay in one area the more you will see, and when you find something good, you'll want the time to stay and enjoy it. This is something to consider when comparing options and itineraries with other outfitters. Make sure you are given time to see the wildlife and enjoy your safari. It's more enjoyable than packing you're bags every other day to drive to a new destination where you will see the same animals only in a slightly different setting.

We suggest you visit no more than 3 locations on a 10 day trip and give you 4 locations / activities on a 2 week trip. We will help you select these locations based on you're interests and the time of year you want to travel. This allows you to be in the best places and gives you time to find the more elusive species, like leopard and cheetah, as well as the time to take an afternoon to watch and follow them. This is how the professional photographers get their great shots.

More hints to help you plan your trip -

1) Review the Parks and Reserves - this is the section of the website that describes where you can go.

2) Understand the different seasons and how they affect these areas. This will also help you set your departure dates. We provide recommendations for the best excursions during the specific seasons.

3) Understand how you want to experience Tanzania - luxury camping? Climb Kilimanjaro? Walking safari? A combination? We provide a number of ways or "Excursions" in which to explore the regions. Familiarize yourself with all of these sections and you'll be able to create your dream safari.

Remember - we're only an email or phone call away to help you.