The Art of Safari

Travel with Tanganyika Film & Safari Outfitters and discover the Art of Safari.

Years of experience, diligence and a passion for the country, enables Tanganyika Film and Safari Outfitters (TFSO) to provide you with an experience that we consider, and our returning clients agree, "the Art of Safari".

Travel with TFSO and you'll experience the classic romance of old Africa in a luxury-tented camp in the National Parks. Our specialty walking safaris provide a more hands-on, down-to-earth experience of Africa. We take you on treks near our private ranch at the foot of Kilimanjaro or deep into the heart of wildest Africa where there are no roads and the only other humans you likely run into stalk game with bow and arrow.

We are a small boutique outfitter that delivers a unique opportunity that larger, more commercial companies are not likely to offer. Our experienced and friendly staff caters to the individual, private groups, professional photographers, and filmmakers. We'll help you plan the perfect safari choosing from a wide variety of trips and destinations. Since we specialize in the custom safari experience, we are as flexible, sympathetic and responsive to the needs of individual traveler as to professionals on tight schedules.

Our dedication to Tanzania's people, wildlife and environment are not compromised when we share with you their heritage, and natural resources. Tanganyika Film & Safari Outfitters cares about the future of Tanzania, so that generations of future travelers will also have the opportunity to experience the Art of Safari. Our company is committed to helping preserve the wildlife along with local communities.